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About Us:

US Wind Force Foundation was formed in 2009 by the partners of US Wind Force, LLC, a wind energy development company, as a way to provide additional financial resources to the communities

The US Wind Force Foundation, Inc., a West Virginia nonprofit corporation, is organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Its primary purpose is to enhance the community by providing funding for projects related to education, historic preservation, public safety,economic development, public recreation, parks, playgrounds, athletic facilities, and other similar activities. It will provide funding to select not-for-profit community organizations, and communities, consistent with its charter. 

The foundation strives to improve the quality of life for the citizens in the areas where it works. To attain this goal, emphasis is given to projects that continue to help the citizenry for multiple generations, such as “bricks and mortar” endeavors that create or improve infrastructure or provide long-term results. 

it serves. Funding and operational support for the foundation is/has been provided by US Wind Force, LLC, Laurel Renewable Partners, LLC, its subsidiaries, project companies such as Clearway Energy Group, and other concerned individuals and businesses. Contributions may be earmarked for specific Community Benefit Funds. These funds will be distributed using specific guidelines established for each particular fund and will usually include specific geographic limitations. An Allocation Committee that is made up of local citizens and community leaders will usually be responsible for making all decisions on how best to allocate these funds for specific projects in the immediate geographic region.

in Grants Awarded Since 2012

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