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Pinnacle Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

Established 2012

The community benefit fund associated with the Pinnacle Wind Project was established to provide funding to community-oriented projects in the area surrounding the Pinnacle Wind Project, which is located in Mineral County, West Virginia, just west of Keyser. This area includes Keyser, Elk Garden, and New Creek.

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Funding Commitments


Paid Upon Project Beginning Commercial Operation In 2012


Additional Money Earmarked For Historic Preservation


Contributed Each Year For The Life Of The Project

Pinnacle Wind, LLC committed to funding this community benefit fund beginning when the project reached commercial operation status in 2012. Since it is typical for projects of this type to change ownership between the development phase and the subsequent construction and operations phases, this commitment is transferable to and binding upon any future owners of Pinnacle Wind, LLC. 

Pinnacle Wind, LLC agreed to the following contributions to the Community Benefit Fund:

The 55 megawatt, 23-turbine Pinnacle Wind Farm is located on Green Mountain near Keyser, West Virginia. The foundation, through its Community Benefit Fund, has awarded more than $270,000 in grants to local community organizations since the wind farm was completed in January 2012. 

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